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#HurricaneIrma - No Post Today

Like most Florida residents, I am battening the hatches, preparing for the possibility that Hurricane Irma will be wreaking havoc with our state in the next few days. Latest projections show it hitting south Florida by 2:00am Monday morning, with several possible paths after that, one of which comes straight through central Florida, where I live. I'm hoping it wobbles farther east and heads out to the Atlantic to die a miserable death ALONE, away from all of us. But we have to be prepared, just in case.

This is the second most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, and certainly could prove to be catastrophic.  The storm surge and wind damage are the two things to worry about with this one, rather than the terrible flooding of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

I'll be back as soon as Irma blows over (see what I did there?), and hopefully, this one will NOT turn out to be as bad as some are predicting. This is one case where I hope the educated guesses are wrong, but I don't want to bet my life on that. So, back to removing all the flower pots and other items in my yard that could turn into lethal projectiles in heavy winds. (And BTW, they are predicting tropical storm force wind and rain in my area as early as Friday, so getting things put away or tied down is important.)

Please stay safe, all of you who might be in harm's way. ALWAYS err on the side of caution when storms like this are approaching! See you soon!!


I live right about where the "L" in "FL" is, well within the dreaded Cone of Uncertainty.


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Tuesday, 28 November 2023

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