Female Anhinga

Today feels like a day for images, rather than words. With that thought in mind, I'm sharing some of Doug Little's wonderful photos taken on the St. Johns River.
Hope they bring you a smile today!

Thirsty White-tailed Deer

Nothing Like A Day in the Sunshine

Pied-billed Grebe

I See You

Wild Turkey

Osprey Having Catfish For Dinner

And We Have Lift-Off (Great Egret)

Baby Faces (Anhinga chicks)

And finally, the one that proves you never know what you'll spot on the St. Johns!

Not So Sure This is a Native Species.


And there you have another #WednesdayWonders post. Hope you enjoyed seeing the things you might spot from your seat aboard the Naiad. Come join us for a cruise. You KNOW you want to!

Until next time! Have a great week, and remember, look up now and then. Who knows what might be dropping in to say hi?