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To Paraphrase Neil Sedaka - Catching Up is Hard To Do

Yo! *standing on a box, waving madly* Remember me? Marcia? I'm the Official St. Johns River Eco Tours Blogger. Yeah, the one who hasn't been blogging for months and months. But remember way, way back--before September 10, 2017? Before the Wicked Witch of the South (Hurricane Irma) threw a tree at us, smashed our garage and cars to smithereens, and brought a hoard of contractors, roofers, stonemasons, electricians, plumbers, drywall hangers, framers, and painters down on our heads? I used to come around weekly in those long ago days, and regale you (to the best of my abilities) with images and what I hope was witty commentary on all things related to central Florida wildlife and habitats. Any of this ring a bell? I hope so, because what I wanted to tell you is--I'm back!

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Presentations, Photography, and Information, Oh, My!

DeBary Hall Historic Site

The house is full of workmen again today, so my time is limited, but I just had to find a few minutes to share some exciting Coming Attractions with you. *Trumpet Fanfare Here*

Ahem. I'm very happy to announce that on Saturday, January 13, at 2:00 PM, Doug Little, owner of St. Johns River Eco Tours and wildlife photographer extraordinaire, will be joining me at DeBary Hall to help me kick off a new series of programs I'll be presenting at the Hall throughout 2018. Saturday's program (and the entire series) will feature many of Doug's fantastic photographs, in addition to lots of interesting facts about each species being discussed.

The name of the series is "Central Florida's Fabulous Wildlife," and each program will focus on one animal, or group of related animals, native to the St. Johns River Basin area. Along with a slide presentation, I will endeavor to share as much information on every critter as I can cram into the time allotted me, and I'm a pretty good crammer! Hopefully, those who attend these events will learn new and interesting things about the wildlife and habitat along our beloved river.


The January 13 program will be an overview of the series, giving you a good idea of what to expect from each future presentation. It will also feature some of Doug's very best work. There will be plenty of time built in for Questions and Answers, and Doug will have his brand new, positively gorgeous 2018 Wildlife Calendars available for purchase. He'll be glad to sign and personalize them for you after the program. I will have all of my books available, as well, for those interested.



Some of the animals I hope to feature in the months ahead include the American alligator, the Florida black bear, herons and egrets, eagles and ospreys, Florida panthers, dangerous snakes, turtles and tortoises, barred owls, and more. And here are some samples of Doug's work, which I will be using whenever possible.

Great Blue Heron


Barred Owl


Florida Black Bear


Turtles on a Log


Bald Eagle

I'm so pleased to have an opportunity to explore the fabulous wildlife of central Florida with you, and I hope you'll join Doug and I on January 13, for what I think will be a fun event! We are both looking forward to seeing you there!

Central Florida's Fabulous Wildlife Overview

Saturday, January 13, at 2:00pm
DeBary Hall Historic Site
198 Sunrise Blvd,
DeBary, FL

FREE, Reservations Not Required

Coming Next Week

"The Fairest of them All"

See you then!



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