Explore the Ecology
Learn about the different wild inhabitants of the St. Johns.

The ecology section of our website has a number of downloadable items for our customers to use to enhance the nature experience on our tours. There is a birding list with all the different birds you may see on our tour. Bring it along on the cruise, and keep track of how many species you see.

We have an eight-page listing, with photos, of the birds, animals, trees, and plants that you may spot on our tour. We also have a section featuring Florida’s snakes, depicting both venomous and non-venomous species found in Florida.

Manatees are included in a special section, focusing on these very special creatures, and the sense of wonder everyone feels when spotting them.


Florida is home to more snakes than any other state in the Southeast - 44 native species and three nonnative species.

Snakes of Florida


Provides images along with facts about plants one can find along the river.

Plant Flipbook


Contains images of flora and fauna one can find on the river.

Flora & Fauna


A list to print and check along one's journey on the river.

Birding List


West Indian manatees are endangered animals. So here are some tips for protecting manatees in the wild.

Don't Feed Us


Contains images of different bird species found along the river paired with fact sheets.

Bird Flipbook


The Florida manatee lives in brackish, salt and freshwater coastal areas around Florida. The adult weighs around 1,000 pounds and is about 10 feet long. Find out more...

Manatee Anatomy


The following documents contains commonly asked questions about manatee mortality.

Manatee Factsheet