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Explore the rich history of the St. Johns River.

This area focuses on the stories and lives of the people who have lived here in Central Florida and contributed to the life of the area.

Ed Winn

Ed is a Florida native, historian, author, and storyteller. He grew up on the river loving and learning about it. He shares his memories with us.

Connie Parker

Connie grew up in Enterprise, where her family owned and operated the ferry that connected Enterprise to Sanford.

Sandra & Charles Grey

Third generation Floridians who donated the land that is now Gemani Springs Park, which was part of their family farm in DeBary, FL.

Robbie Cunningham

Robbie is the owner of the only commercial pontoon boat manufacturer still operating in the US. He has built most, if not all, of the boats operating in this area and knows all of the four operators. He grew up in Europe as the son of a diplomat. His first spoken language was Italian.

Ben Friday

Ben is one of Florida's original people. He grew up here and was the postman who delivered the mail by boat in the early days.

Alice Turnbull

Alice lives in New Smyrna Beach and is the last direct descendant of the first settlement here. The Turnbull Settlement was the first European's who settled in Central Florida.

Bill Flowers

Bill is a lifelong tour guide here on the St. John's River. He recalls the time when in his youth he would now row sportsman and adventurers on the St. John's River. The land to the east of our docks is named Flower's Island.



Our books and maps are not intended to be a complete collection of information, however, it contains a number of books that are either self-published or out of print.


Oral History

This area is dedicated to the stories and lives of the people who have lived here in Central Florida and contributed to life of the area.

Oral History


Maps that show the Florida of the past and the relevant river paths.